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“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art."

I am Ettore Moliteo and I am the Executive Chef of Mater Terrae, the vegetarian restaurant on the rooftop terrace of Raphaël Hotel. I would like to describe myself and my “green” art starting from this quote.

I was born and grew up in Catania; in Sicily, you know, it is full of food delights! Since I was a child, I have loved watching my mother cooking and I believe that still today the very first ingredient of all of my recipes is the passion for my job, inherited form her.
It is quite simple to describe “today’s Ettore”, but few years ago I would have never believed I would become a Chef, considering the fact that after High School I decided to study Engineering.

During my first year at University, I realised my choice was completely wrong and, thanks to my family, I managed to turn things right again.


When I finally found the right way, I decided to attend the Gambero Rosso cooking school in Catania and then I worked for several different restaurants. My work experience made me appreciate organic cooking and, in particular, the vegetarian cuisine.

The real turning point in my culinary training was the internship at restaurant “Joia” in Milan where I had the opportunity to meet Chef Pietro Leemann. He introduced me to the world of natural cuisine which I tried to combine with the traditional Sicilian cuisine, searching for a unique and innovative taste.

Since January 2017 the kitchen of restaurant Mater Terrae has been the cradle of my culinary creativity. Our restaurant not only offers delights for the stomach, it also offers delights for your eyes… The restaurant rooftop terrace which stands out impressively from the roofs and domes of the Eternal City will leave you speechless!

Going back to the starting quote, I firmly believe that eating consciously and intelligently is very important. If you love yourself, you should choose organic and biodynamic food!

What else should I say? My cuisine is like the Bougainvillea which covers the façade of Raphaël Hotel… Green and fascinating!